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Choose between different battery types so you can find the battery that works best for you

For your motorcycle to start up, a functional battery is of needs.

Therefore, there are three different types of batteries. Between them there are different advantages and disadvantages when using them.

One the one hand, there are gel batteries. In these, in addition to sulphuric acid, a silica was added, which thickens the mixture, thus forming a gel. The advantage of the gel battery is that it is almost maintenance-free, because no water has to be added, as in comparison with the acid battery. In addition, gel batteries discharge much less and thus have a longer lifespan, even if the first purchase can be a little more expensive.

And then there are lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are very lightweight and are therefore often used in cross machines. They are also almost maintenance-free as well as gel batteries and should therefore only be maintained to increase the lifespan. In addition, the lithium ion battery is very environmentally friendly as it does not contain heavy metals or acids.

Here, at MVH, you will find a wide range of the various battery types of well-known manufacturers, such as KAGE or Poweroad, but also cheaper, identical alternatives.

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