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Battery deposit

Information on battery disposal and battery deposit

The crossed-out garbage can shown here means:

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. If one of the following chemical symbols is also shown under this symbol (Pb: battery contains lead, Cd: battery contains cadmium, Hg: battery contains mercury), this generally means that this metal is contained in the battery and that its legal limit has been exceeded.

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. They may contain pollutants that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

Please return batteries to us after use, to municipal recycling centers or to retailers. The return is free of charge and required by law.

All batteries will be used again. In this way, valuable raw materials can be recovered and at the same time the environment and health can be protected.

End users are obliged to return used starter batteries to the seller of the battery or to a municipal collection point.

Like all other distributors of starter batteries, we are obliged to charge a deposit of 7.50 euros including sales tax for each vehicle battery in accordance with BattG § 10 "Compulsory deposit for vehicle batteries".

Help protect the environment. If the used battery is returned and the receipt or invoice is presented, the deposit will be refunded to you immediately in our shop.

Due to the Hazardous Goods Ordinance, it is not possible to return the old battery in the shipping department. Alternatively, please hand the battery in at a municipal collection point and have your receipt or invoice stamped.

Please hand in the stamped receipt on site in our shop or send it by post to

Motorradteilevertrieb Hamburg GmbH
Verbindungsweg 38
25469 Halstenbek

The deposit will then be refunded to you.