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Electrics for your Motorcycle

The electrics are extremely important in every vehicle today, including the motorcycle. Nowadays, the motorcycle has developed to such an extent that you could not drive an inch if the electrics are not working. Components of electrics in motorcycles are the starter, the indicator relais, the ignition or the light machine.

The starter is a help to start internal combustion engines, as they cannot form torque at a standstill. For smaller machines, however, a Kickstarter is often installed instead in order to create the necessary torque.

The light machine has two main components, the ator, which is firmly connected to the engine and the rotor, which is located in the stator and can be rotated. At the stator there are coils and the rotor forms a kind of electromagnet consisting of a metal core and a coil wrapped around this metal core. As soon as the rotor rotates, a current is induced in the stator coils through which the battery is charged and the light works.

The indicator relais has the function of specifying the rhythm, i.e. the lighting of all lamps. This may mean that if your blinker stops working, only the blinker relay is faulty.

Ignition is the process when an air-fuel mixture is ignited in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine, thus the engine starts. For this purpose, the spark plugs are essential, which spark a spark and thus start the process.

We not only offer individual parts for the components, but also complete repair-sets. Overall, we have a wide range of electronics for motorcycles, scooters and ATVs from well-known manufacturers such as KTM, Suzuki, Honda and many others. Among the items you see, you'll find the vehicle usage list that lets you check if the spare part is compatible with your vehicle.