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Everything about the break 

The brake is probably as essential for the bike as the wheel. Because without working brakes it would quickly lead to accidents.

There are two types of brakes in the motorcycle field.

On the one hand, there is the disc brake, which is simply explained, consisting out of four individual parts. The brake disc, the brake fluid, the brake line and the brake caliper.

The brake disc is constantly exposed to enormous loads. Therefore, it should be replaced immediately when reaching the minimum thickness.

The function of the brake fluid is to direct the driver-requested force from the brake lever to the brake. In this case, it is important that it does not attack the rubber and the seals of the brake line and that it is functional at all temperatures.

The brake line is as mentioned above made of rubber, but also partially made of steel. In the break line is the brake fluid and thus the brake line is also involved in forwarding the brake force.

And then there is also the caliper. On the caliper are the brake pads fixed, which are pressed by pistons by the brake pressure to the contact surface and thus reduce the speed.

On the other hand there is the drum brake.

The main components are the brake drum, the brake shoes and the wheel brake cylinder.

The braking effect is created by the fixed brake shoes that are spread on the wheel cylinder. This presses the brake shoes against the brake drum, which rotates with the wheel and brings them to stop and thus the wheel.

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