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High quality articles to get your engine running

In order to get your engine running, we offer various products, which are need for your drive.

There are three types of drive on the motorcycle.

On the one hand there is the chain drive. It is the most cost-effective alternative to use, but it is very caring intensive. So the chain must be regularly cleaned, greased and retensioned. Furthermore, the chain drive has to get exchanged usually every 20.000 kilometers in a complete set.

On the other hand, there is the cardan shaft, which is most often installed at BMW or Moto Guzzi. The cardan shaft is the least caring intensive alternative, however you should still do the regular oil exchange expand the life expectancy. Nonetheless, the cardan shaft is compared to the chain drive much heavier and if it is broken it is attached to the highest costs.

And then there is the timing belt, which is installed in every Harley Davidson. Also the timimg belt has usually a very long life expectancy. This is why the timing belt only has to get exchanged arround every 40.000 kilometers and is generally very low in maintenance.

We offer you not only chain drives or timing belts, but also complete sets and everything else which belongs to the drive for scooters, motorcycles, quads and ATV models. Our products are compatible with various brands, such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Kymco or Honda . Therefore, our claim is that we can deliver everything as fast as possible for a good customer price.