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Choose between oils from various brands

The oil is for the motorcycle, as is the blood for the human body. So that everything runs like clockwork, we have for you oils from high-quality manufacturers, such as MANNOL or LIQUI MOLY.

In each vehicle there are a number of different oils, all of which have different functions.

On the one hand, there are hydraulic oils, such as fork oils. This is responsible for the damping taking place in the forks and should normally be changed every 20,000 kilometers or two years. It is important that each motorcycle has a different viscosity and thus requires a different fork oil.

On the other hand there is motor oil and gear oil, which is usually one and the same nowadays. In earlier series, however, this was still separate. The combustion processes in the engine pollute the oil. This is why it should be exchanged in an annual cycle or when reaching the specified mileage interval.

However, we not only offer various oils, but also oil pumps, oil drain plugs, oil coolers or oil thermometers. Also, we make sure that all our products are available quickly and are compatible not only with motorcycles, but also with scooters and ATVs.

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